BML Munjal University
4th International Conference on Harmony search, Soft Computing and Applications
February 7-9, 2018
Korea University   SCRS

Camera Ready Submission

Author Guidelines for the Preparation and submission of final camera ready manuscript(s).

The PDF of the Authors Guidelines can be downloaded from the following web link, containing the complete sets of instructions and templates for the different text preparation systems.

To help ensure correct formatting, please use the format found at the following link below as templates for your Final paper submission: Microsoft Word Template (zip: 560 kB)

Each contribution must be accompanied by a Springer copyright form, a so-called ‘Consent to Publish’ form. Modified forms are not acceptable. (Available at

One author may sign on behalf of all of the authors of a particular paper. In this case, the author signs for and accepts responsibility for releasing the material on behalf of any and all co-authors.

For registration details follow the Conference Website at the following web link: You are kindly requested to mail the source file of your final manuscript (.doc/.docx/latex), Copyright form and Payment proof (scanned) in a ZIP folder to

Note: Violations of any of the above paper specifications may result in rejection of your paper.